Online System Development & Maintenance of Sentinel Sites Monitoring for Health and Nutrition Project

The sentinel site monitoring system is designed to provide comprehensive system for data management (collect, analyze, store and use the data) related to first 1000-day life of a child. The system will provide real-time and localized updates that are specific to the MCA-Indonesia interventions in the country.

The Sentinel Program will support the MCA-Indonesia M&E Unit to accommodate more wide-ranging data needs, such as:

  • Developing an online system and maintaining a designated cloud service for the Sentinel Site Monitoring Program
  • Developing and maintaining a semi-online desktop application to be used by Bidan Desa, community health workers, and Field Facilitators
  • Providing a training module for the online system and desktop application
  • Installing the Application, maintaining a monthly data package to allow an ongoing real-time data input by Bidan Desa
  • Conducting migration of existing KIA and KMS data from Bidan’s record (hard copy and soft copy) to the online system
  • Managing all data collected across targeted Village Posyandu/Puskesmas (health facilities)


2016 to 2018
Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)
Regions/ Countries