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December 27, 2011

Approximately 1.5 million people pass through New York City’s Times Square daily. This number increases exponentially during the holiday season when festivities are in full swing, which is why the Substance Abuse and Mental Health...

December 01, 2011

On this World AIDS Day , December 1, 2011, people around the world are promoting the "Getting to Zero" campaign – the goal backed by the United Nations to have zero new HIV infections and zero AIDS-related deaths. For those who...

URC exhibited materials at a booth for conference attendees.
November 22, 2011

URC had a significant presence at the 42 nd Union World Conference on Lung Health in Lille , France, on October 26–30, 2011. Thirty-six URC participants—representing Bangladesh ,...

Two women in India use an improved cookstove. Photo credit: Bryan Willson.
October 12, 2011

The Translating Research into Action (TRAction) Project , which is funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID), hosted a special event today to launch its support for research to tackle household air pollution. TRAction,...

September 06, 2011

A logistics management tool developed by URC’s Integrated Family Health Project , called PISAF for its French name, has helped improve how Benin’s health system manages its commodities. The President’s...

June 28, 2011

US Senators Christopher Coons (Democrat, Delaware) and Johnny Isakson (Republican, Georgia) visited the HOMEL Pediatrics Hospital in Cotonou, Benin on Saturday, June 5. They visited URC’s USAID-funded Integrated Family Health Project, a program that has been developing low-cost innovations to...

Nana Boro has adapted the lyrics to his hit song Aha yede to encourage routine use of mosquito nets.
June 24, 2011

“It feels good under the treated net,” sang Nana Boro, Ghanaian music icon, to an audience of celebrities, diplomats, and malaria control experts at Citizen Kofi, a popular entertainment venue in Accra, the capital city. The June 15 event marked the launch of a multi-media campaign promoting...

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June 22, 2011

Disrespectful and Abusive Treatment of Women During Childbirth, an article by URC staff members Sarah Whitmarsh and Maura Gaughan, was recently published in the online Global Health Magazine . The article describes...

June 17, 2011

URC's Better Health Services (BHS) project, which works with the Cambodian Ministry of Health to increase demand for and equitable access to quality health services, provided support to the Cambodian delegation to the Asia Pacific Leadership Forum on Health Information Systems (HIS). Health...

Artwork by girls at Abuja workshop
June 16, 2011

On June 16, 1971, thousands of South African school children protested the inferiority of their education and the right to be taught in their native languages, and many were killed or injured for speaking out. Since then, advocates mark June 16th, the Day of the African Child, by calling...